Jimena Florez of Colombia is recognized by President Obama for her work as a social entrepreneur.

Barack Obama

We want to empower people in ways that empower societies and ultimately empower the world. Women like Jimena Florez of Colombia — where’s Jimena? There she is. (Applause.) So I just had a chance to meet with her. She started her own company making healthy foods — which Michelle would be very pleased with — (laughter) — and she started her company entirely with fellow women entrepreneurs — which Michelle would also be happy with. And through our support for women entrepreneurs, we’ve helped Jimena connect to mentors and training so that she can access new trade opportunities and grow her business. And through her work, she’s also helping Colombian farmers adopt organic farming and benefit from access to new markets as well.


* Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey,Carlos Medina President of the Chamber,  and Jimena Florez

Recognized as 1 out of 4 most Influential Young Women Leaders in Colombia by the WWB Foundation

“Through programs supported by the U.S. Department of State, including WEAmericas and WeConnect International, she met with fellow entrepreneurs, obtained mentorship opportunities, got certification for her business, and connected with multinational buyers.

And met President Obama.

In the fall of 2015, as part of La Idea, a series of business incubators for Latin American entrepreneurs, Flórez brought Tumaco’s cacao to the Rutgers Food Innovation Center in New Jersey to perfect a line of all-natural, healthy brownies. She hopes to sell them in the United States soon”.

Americas Quarterly Magazine selected Jimena as one of the Top 5 Entrepreneurs from LATAM.

She identified the market created by growing concern in the U.S. among civil society groups, parents and educators over childhood obesity”.

1 of the 4 best Women Entrepreneurs of Colombia by the multinational EARNST & YOUNG